Stop wasting money in failed challenges!!

*We are a team of experienced forex traders who have spent over four years working in the markets and developing an incredible strategy. Our hard work and dedication have paid off, as we have finally devised a strategy that allows us to pass prop challenges with an exceptionally high win rate.

* We are proud of our accomplishments and are confident in the effectiveness of our strategy. We believe that this strategy can help other traders achieve success in getting funded through the major prop-firms! and we are excited to share our expertise with others. 

*With our proven track record and extensive experience, we are confident that we can help traders achieve their financial goals and reach new levels of success.

How Can we help you?

Pass Any Prop-Firm challenge!

- Unlike most people out there we don't ask you to buy challenges from a specific firm and pass it with HFT.
- Choosing the propfirm is completely your decision! We suggest you to go with MFF/FTMO.

Your money is safe here!

- We accept payments in the most reputed payment modes like PayPal/Stripe.

How long will it take to pass both phases?

- Normally, it takes around 2-3 weeks for passing but it can take upto 6 weeks too depending on the market conditions!